Integrated energy systems

An Energy System is a system that utilizes the energy resources in a specific context ( Industrial , healthcare , airport, commercial , domestic, etc. . ) to produce a flow of mechanical energy , light , thermal, electrical / electronics to be allocated and use by and end-user.
The objective of our work is to act on the existing Energy System to extend it and make it more efficient , maximizing the contribution from renewable sources with NO impact on safety and reliability.

The INTEGRATED ENERGY SYSTEM is optimized in its different elements to minimize fuel consumption , costs and environmental impact while maximizing energy independence through a modular plan of action .

We are specialized in the integration of renewable Energy Systems with plant sizing from 50 kW to 1 MW or more. Cornerstone of all offers is the economic and financial sustainability of the interventions considered current expense for the purchase of energy.
All the energy services offered by BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT are extended from conception , implementation and management of up to operational execution and maintenance.
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We have defined a systems approach to Energetic Diagnosis that is contextualized on the customer on account of the specificities and needs identified from the earliest stages of feasibility[/wpex]

[wpex more=”+ Green Airport” less=”- Green Airport”]greenairportOffering solutions for Sustainable Energy Efficiency in Airports , both in the Air Side and Land Side .

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[wpex more=”+ Green Health City” less=”- Green Health City”]greenhealthcityOffering solutions for Sustainable Energy Efficiency healthcare setting , where there are often public or private hospital complexes with robust requirements for comfort and safety.

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[wpex more=”+ Green City Island” less=”- Green City Island”]greencityOffering solutions for the creation of GREEN ISLAND (ie systems powered by renewable sources ) connected to the network ( when grid is available) or stand-alone (when grid is unavailable).

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[wpex more=”+ Green Factory” less=”- Green Factory”]greenfactoryOffering designed for for the Sustainable achievement of adequate levels of energy efficiency in the industrial/commercial.

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[wpex more=”+ Renewable Energy Plants” less=”- Renewable Energy Plants”]Offering designed for integrating the existing energy systems with Energy Production Plant from renewable sources and/or systems with high yield (see traditional Co-generator or Biomass.
Today it represents a promising opportunity that BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT has studied and realized in various contexts, typically the existing system configurations raise the reference scenario of the evolution desirable, always taking into account the economic sustainability constraint.

[wpex more=”+ Lighting” less=”- Lighting”]Realize energy efficiency measures targeted to the adoption of high-efficiency lighting devices (typically LED ) . We have gained extensive experience in the selection of technology choices in relation to the context and specificities for use within the infrastructure ( street lighting ) , industrial and domestic context.[/wpex]

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