Our history begins in the early 90s when BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT was established as a company of Services and Technologies, in order to operate on the domestic market of Industry and Services . Thanks to our strong vocation for the best methods and practices transfer from one context to another , we have consolidated a wealth in terms of relevant experience and techniques in various fields of activity.

Our Team offers wide and diversified skills, either technical and management so to follow our Customer since preliminar phases.
Since 2000 we have expanded our scope of activities in the Energy sector as Energy Service Company (ESCO) in the field of plant engineering for the design and implementation of Integrated Energy Systems (SEI), both for domestic and for industrial context.

[wpex more=”+ MISSION” less=”- MISSION”]We want to offer value-added solutions and services to Privates and Enterprise, aimed to effectiveness and efficiency in the everyday life, from the domestic to the wider contexts of the world of Enterprise and Social.
For this reason, today more than ever we are committed to providing solutions in the field of Energy, Environment and Safety.

[wpex more=”+ VISION” less=”- VISION”]We believe crucial to promote Universal mankind and Environment, protecting and promoting the preservation of cultural heritage and the growth of mankind in all life dimensions, either human, professional and economical.

We pursue an idea of Service as a competent and qualified means aimed to promote innovation and satisfaction of human needs, whether technological, social care or welfare related.
We believe that the standards and the pursuit of efficiency and effectiveness must not flatten and make uniform the behavior but only provide an interpretive key to “get right since the first time”.
We know that the responsibility and the ability to look far and beyond our horizon funds a humanity capable of overcoming the new challenges that are waiting for.

And we strive every day for this goal.[/wpex]

[wpex more=”+ MARKETS” less=”- MARKETS”]mappadelmondoWe operate on a national scale since our establishment, to offer services and Solutions.

We are now developing several projects at international level, in the MENA region (Middle East & North Africa), West Africa (Nigeria), Russia and Indonesia.

The broadening of our horizons is aimed to promote the growth and transfer of our skills in an international context, through valuable Partnerships and Projects.

Please contact us just to verify if we are developing projects in your area [/wpex]

[wpex more=”+ R&D” less=”- R&D”]Since 2012, a specific R & D division is responsible for addressing possible areas of funded research on innovative fields, in collaboration with leading research institutions, including ENEA .

Among the more significant projects we highlight following:

  • Project WORLDWIDE GREEN FIRST – “Green” Systems & Devices for international market, especially for Emergent Countries  – Network Project defined in collaboration with other italian partners  Download syntesis
  • Project PVRENEW – Renewal of photovoltaic panels at the end of useful life –  Project presented under FILAS Co-Research Prot. 1448 del 29/06/2013 in collaboration with ENEA  Download details
  • Build up skills ( Pillar I)
  • Bricks – Building Refurbishment with Increased Competence , Knowledge and Skills , this new project aims to develop tools and methodologies to establish training systems aimed at increasing the knowledge, skills and abilities of workers in the construction industry restructuring in order to intensify the ‘ introduction of renewable energy Sources ( RES) and energy efficiency (EE) in the regeneration as well as in new buildings to meet these targets by 2020. Link

Read more [/wpex]

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