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Superbonus 110%

Thanks to government incentives even today biomass offer a concrete opportunity for a secure investment returns while respecting the environment. With the Relaunch Decree, the Italian State approved a form of special incentive for the energy requalification of condominiums and single-family homes throughout the country. This measure, admissible with specific requirements regarding the applicant, the […]


High efficiency and lower resource consumption could immediately improve your product, making it more convenient in terms of costs and therefore more competitive. We are at your side to improve your business at 360 °: we make your product cheaper, competitive and eco- compatible with our offering in terms of energy efficiency and related logistics. […]


BI is active at national level with Maintenance “Turnkey” Services, aimed at managing on behalf of the customer the ongoing performance monitoring; by remote monitoring we can ensure to all our Customer the proper functioning of the plant (also a slight decline may preclude a failure) and a prompt intervention often even before you know […]

Health Care

The public and private Healthcare sector is now an elective and challenger field for the detection of high levels of effectiveness and efficiency, and BI is present by ever in this context, thanks to our strong vocation to Service and Social field. BI can support Healthcare Organizations in many different fields, included introdution to Organization Model; […]


BI is active in the field of Training Services since the beginning of its life; we have actively participated in the design and implementation of ad hoc training courses , whose topics ranged from issues dealing with System Engineering, Risk Management, Management and Organizational Models, … In the Health-care field BI has actively participated in […]

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