Health Care

The public and private Healthcare sector is now an elective and challenger field for the detection of high levels of effectiveness and efficiency, and BI is present by ever in this context, thanks to our strong vocation to Service and Social field.

BI can support Healthcare Organizations in many different fields, included introdution to Organization Model; for instance nowadays many Italian Regions (e.g. Regione Lazio) consider mandatory to have an active Qrganization Model for all Healthcare organizations affiliated with the National Health Service.

We started with support pioneering Accreditation Services (in 1996 we reached the first accredited Quality Management System in the field of private rehabilitation in Abruzzo ! ). Time by time we did evolve our offering in line with the growing needs of this sector, covering the growing needs on Accreditation Services, Training , Risk Management, Process optimization , etc …

Today we offer services to 360 degrees in the health care field to make Excellence a sustainable objective through :

Our Customers can count on us and on our staff creativity and experience: please contact us immediately

Health Care
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