The use of biomass for the production of energy from renewable sources is an innovative solution that allows to reduce significantly the consumption of energy derived from fossil fuels ( oil , coal , natural gas ) through the use of woody biomass as fuel .
This biomass can be found as a residue of numerous forestry manufacturing, as well as the exploitation of pruning and mowing of forests owned by the city / state property.

Thanks to government incentives even today biomass offer a concrete opportunity for a secure investment returns while respecting the environment.

We are specialized in the integration of renewable Energy Systems and building of biomass plants with outputs from 50 kW to 1 MW or more. We take care of the authorization and construction of facilities, and even in obtaining financing and government incentives on behalf of our Customers.

Biomass can be an opportunity not only for energy-intensive enterprise, but also for farmers, landowners, forests, municipalities or local authorities who want to exploit the waste resulting from wood processing – agricultural products – animals defections and forest residues.

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